Our Electric Vehicle charging point in Manilva on the Costa Del Sol

We recognise the importance of sustainability and the role it plays in preserving the environment for future generations. By providing access to electric charging points, our campsite is taking a step towards a greener future. The charging point is conveniently located and easy to use, allowing you to charge your vehicles while enjoying your stay at the campsite.

Bella vista chargingpoint 1

At Belle Vista, we are committed to providing a comfortable and convenient experience for our visitors. The availability of electric charging points is just one of the many amenities offered to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable stay. The campsite is situated in a beautiful location, surrounded by stunning natural beauty and offers a range of activities and facilities for guests to enjoy.

Bella vista chargingpoint 2

In conclusion, Belle Vista Campsite is a prime example of a business that is making an effort to promote sustainability and provide convenient services to its customers. The availability of electric charging points is just one of the many reasons why customers should choose Belle Vista Campsite for their next holiday. Whether you're travelling in an electric vehicle, have an electric tow car or simply looking for a convenient and eco-friendly option, Belle Vista Campsite is a perfect choice.

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