Tourism is one of the most important sectors in our country. However, the current COVID19 context requires establishing protocols so that the reopening of facilities does not increase the risk of community contagion, as well as establishing the necessary protection measures for workers in this sector. For this reason, the Secretary of State for Tourism has agreed with the Autonomous Communities to coordinate a single health protocol against COVID-19, to prepare for the reopening of the tourism sector as the confinement measures are eased.

For the elaboration of this homogeneous protocol that includes the requirements that each subsector or tourist activity, the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality has been used, which has developed this tool to help companies in the camping sector to identify and analyse risks inherent to its establishments, as well as to implement the best practices in the service, in its facilities and with its staff to deal with the virus.

The Order of the Ministry of Health and Families of June 19, 2020, by which preventive public health measures are adopted in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, to face the health crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), Amended by the Order of June 25, 2020, it was issued as a consequence of Royal Decree-Law 21/2020, of June 9, of urgent prevention, containment and coordination measures to face the health crisis caused by COVID- 19.


  • This document meets, subject to the legislation, guidelines and recommendations to apply for campsites to minimize its reopening facing the risk of contagion of the virus SARS-CoV-2.
  • The entry into operation of the different services will be carried out according to the calendar published by the government or according to the modifications that may be in the future.


  • COVID-19 is a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus; a virus first detected in December 2019. The most common symptoms that this disease causes are: fever, cough and feeling short of breath.
  • Other symptoms may include: tiredness, aches, runny nose, sore throat, headache, diarrhoea, vomiting. Some people lose their sense of smell or taste. (Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, 2020).

Possibility of a person getting the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Risk Management
Coordinated activities to direct and control the organization in relation to risk.

Requirements For Risk Management

  • Camping La Bella Vista will assume a firm commitment to risk management, leading the systematic implementation of measures aimed at minimizing it.
  • Risk management is part of all the establishment's processes; therefore, the different processes are
    coordinated with each other.
  • Camping La Bella Vista, based on the risk assessment, prepares a contingency plan, which details the specific measures that it will adopt to reduce the risks of contagion of COVID-19.
  • This preventive activity is carried out prior to returning to activity.
  • Due to legal requirements in the process of preparing the adaptation of the risk assessment and in the resulting health and safety protocols, all workers will be informed, this contingency plan is the result of consensus between the
    Camping La Bella Vista company, the workers and the company Inprex Occupational Risk Prevention.

Health and Safety / Management Actions

  • The company Camping La Bella Vista has created actions for risk management, which will have the collaboration of the workers and the Inprex Occupational Risk Prevention Company, for the management and functions of these actions and will comply at all times with the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks.
  • Once the risks have been identified and evaluated by the company, the definition of strategies and decision-making will be assumed for the minimization of hygienic-sanitary risks due to COVID-19.

Specifically, it is determined:

  • The objectives to be pursued are established.
  • Are established mechanisms to gather information to make you the best decisions (consultation at a UTHORITIES, employees, specialists, etc).
  • Set the way in which it is to coordinate between the components of the proceedings, with the workers, the Inprex Company for the Prevention of Occupational Risks and Camping La Bella Vista depending on the modality of the preventive organization of the company.
  • An evaluation of them will be carried out and conclusions drawn.
  • The necessary protection measures are designed, included in this contingency plan.
  • The contingency plan is implemented.
  • Implemented the contingency plan, depending on the size and complexity of the business, and compliance is monitored by the Company Inprex Occupational Risk Prevention, assessing their effectiveness and modified if necessary, depending on the demonstrated EFFECTIVENESS.

This contingency plan includes:

  • The possibility of modifying the processes aimed at decision-making, if necessary.
  • The assignment of authorities and responsibilities within the framework of risk management.
  • The allocation of human and material resources, including the determination of the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), attending to the needs derived from the assessment of occupational risks and without prejudice to the provisions of this standard and the applicable regulations for prevention of occupational hazards.
  • The determination and implementation of an action protocol in the event that an employee or client shows symptoms compatible with COVID-19, following in any case the guidelines for the prevention of occupational risks and health authorities respectively, and considering the review of cleaning and disinfection protocols for potentially contaminated surfaces.
  • The supervision of compliance with the recommendations and guidelines issued by the health authorities in relation to special measures against COVID-19, both by employees and customers, as well as the additional measures contained in the contingency plan resulting from the Risks evaluation.

Material Resources

  • Camping La Bella Vista sets out the actions necessary to stock the necessary resources provided in accordance with the result of the risk assessment and contingency plan designed, taking into account in any case the recommendations of health authorities (eg. Masks, gloves).
  • Camping La Bella Vista considers the restrictions that may exist for the provision of material resources and the limitations of services that may arise from said restrictions, assessing, where appropriate, other possibilities other than those initially proposed, always agreed with the representation of the company Inprex Occupational Risk Prevention contracted, which are feasible.
  • In the event that at any time a lack of material resources is detected, Camping La Bella Vista together with the Inprex Occupational Risk Prevention Company will analyse and register it for the safeguarding of the tourist organization and its employees before the competent authorities, being able to analyse and propose alternative resources and measures.

General Measures of Camping La Bella Vista
Camping La Bella Vista has implemented the following measures:

  • Plans the tasks and work processes in such a way as to guarantee the safety distance established by the health authorities. In case of impossibility, alternative measures will be taken to avoid the risk of contagion by contact. Likewise, if a member of staff needs to change their clothes, a space is set up that also ensures said interpersonal distance and the capacity is established for a maximum of one employee to access the changing room.
  • It will assess the presence in the workplace of vulnerable workers against COVID-19 and specific security measures determined for members of staff if necessary.
  • A non-contact thermometer is available.
  • The time control method is implemented electronically to avoid the use of the same surface by the different employees. It will also be chosen to facilitate them for disinfection after each use, ensuring the availability of a disinfectant solution.
  • Adequate protection of employees is ensured, facilitating hand washing with the use of disinfectant solutions.
  • Hygiene guidelines are disseminated with complete, clear and intelligible information on the hygiene rules to be used in the workplace, before, during and after and with posters in place to explain.
  • The appropriate individual and personal PPE will be provided after evaluation of occupational risks. The company will supervise that the personnel have the necessary personal protective equipment.
  • Rules are established for the use of the facilities in which the work is carried out and the spaces will be tried to the extent possible that they are not shared to maintain the safety distance.
  • The different areas of the establishment are kept ventilated more frequently whenever possible.

In addition:

  • Safe distances will be respected in all activities. For this and when necessary, it is performed the corresponding control gaging.
  • Workers will be trained on the correct use and maintenance of masks, gloves and all PPE that they use.

Protective Measures for Personnel
The personnel are aware of the designed contingency plan and, specifically, their responsibilities in the risk management framework. Specifically, staff:

  • Have clear and intelligible information, and specific and updated training on the specific measures to be implemented.
  • The greeting with physical contact, including shaking hands, both to the rest of the staff and to the clients will be avoided. A safe distance will be respected whenever possible.
  • It is determined the obligation to use a mask at all times and throughout the campsite.
  • Any personal hygiene waste, especially the disposable tissues, as well as PPE, will be thrown immediately into bins or containers authorized and with no manual operation.
  • Hands are washed thoroughly after sneezing, blowing their nose or coughing or touching potentially contaminated surfaces.
  • Items for personal use (glasses, mobiles, etc.) will be disinfected frequently, throughout the working day, with a disinfectant solution or soap and water when feasible, and with the change of shift the elements of the post working screen, keyboard, mouse, etc. For the disinfection of electronic equipment, specific products will be applied, applied with a cloth, or special disinfectant wipes.
  • Work equipment or devices of other employees will not be shared. In the event that there is alternation in the use of certain equipment or devices, Camping La Bella Vista establishes cleaning and disinfection guidelines between use and use to reduce the risk of contagion.

Specific Requirements for Cleaning Personnel

  • The cleaning personnel will use the appropriate personal protective equipment depending on the level of risk and the result of the occupational risk assessment. At a minimum, staff must wear a mask, gloves and, where necessary, individual screens.
  • After each clean, the materials used and the protective equipment used will be disposed of safely, followed by hand washing. Buckets with covers will be enabled for their deposit and subsequent management.
  • Camping La Bella Vista will supervise that the staff has the necessary personal protective equipment and acts under the established procedures.

Before the Client's Arrival

  • Camping La Bella Vista will send the client with their reservation, prior to arrival, the regulations and guidelines adopted by the campsite in relation to the contingency plan applied to reduce hygienic-sanitary risks against COVID-19.
  • Acceptance of the conditions will be required to formalize the reservation.
  • In the case of customers without a reservation, an information document will be delivered on the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 as well as the sanitary measures adopted by the campsite upon arrival at the La Bella Vista.

During the Client's Stay

  • Clients must be informed of those measures of the contingency plan that directly affect them and must apply (eg. use of a mask, hand washing, safe distances, etc.) and the measures to be adopted must be considered and defined. when a client does not comply with the guidelines established in the contingency plan.
  • The establishment must inform the client before confirming the reservation of the conditions of service and the preventive and hygienic measures established, for their acceptance.

The informative measures will include:

  • Posters with preventive measures implemented on site and guidelines to be followed by customers.
  • Indication of positions respecting the safety distance with marking or alternative measures (eg at reception, at the entrance to the restaurant, etc.)
  • The information provided will be in at least one foreign language (considering the country / countries of origin of the clients).
  • The Camping will urge all employees to collaborate in the fulfilment of the measures that arise from the contingency plan and must provide its personnel with the necessary information regarding hygiene measures and for the proper use of protective material.

Protocol of Action in the Different Facilities of Camping La Bella Vista
In all campsite facilities it is mandatory:

  • The use of a face mask. People aged six and over are obliged to use the mask on public roads, in outdoor spaces and in any closed space for public use or that is open to the public, although the interpersonal safety distance of the person can be guaranteed. 1.5 meters.
  • Respect the safety distance according to the established indications, 1.5 meters according to the recommendation of the competent authority.
  • Use hydroalcoholic solution when accessing all our facilities.

The following preventive measures must be observed:

  • In the reception area, everything will be digitized online.
  • The minimum safety distance between clients will be ensured, and distance markers will be visibly posted to avoid crowds.
  • They perform the pre-checking, the online payment card or other, preferably contactless electronic payment. This will not be manipulated by the employee at any time. After each use the dataphone will be disinfected. This applies to all camping services.
  • The telephone contact will be prioritized so that the customer avoids traveling to the reception. To do this, it is available to the client the contact numbers of Camping La Bella Vista 952,890,020 and 648,419,444. or WhatsApp.
  • The counters must be cleaned and disinfected periodically, considering the greater or lesser influx of customers.
  • The reception staff will have the emergency numbers and nearby hospitals or health centers.
  • At the reception, to carry out the check-in you will have at your disposal hydroalcoholic gel, our staff has double protection, a mask and a Perspex distancing screen.
  • At the time of check-in, the total payment of your stay will be made.
  • Along with the invoice for your stay you will be given a map of the campsite.
  • On the day of departure from our accommodation, please adhere to the established schedule and notify the reception of your departure.
  • If the reception staff are busy, please wait your turn, respecting the safety distance recommended by WHO (1.5 meters) and as soon as possible you will be attended to.
  • To ensure your safety we eliminated from our counters any prospectus of our facilities, tours, recommendations, etc. so if you are interested in obtaining one, you can request it from the receptionist.
  • Systematic cleaning and disinfection of all furniture and common elements will be carried out throughout the day, using effective anti-COVID 19 solutions and guaranteeing extra ventilation.

To Departments

  • You can only stay in our apartments by prior reservation.
  • All the rooms have been thoroughly ventilated, cleaned and disinfected as indicated by the Ministry of Health and in accordance with the recommendations established by INPREX.
  • At the entrance of the apartment, we put at your disposal hydroalcoholic gel.

At the time of check-in, the following will be delivered:

  • Towels necessary for your stay.
  • Access key disinfected.

On the day of departure, the client must:

  • Leave at the established time.
  • Deposit the key of your accommodation at reception.

Camping Area

  • The client will park/pitch on the plot assigned to them at reception.
  • The cleaning and disinfection plan of the plots and rental elements in the context of COVID-19 will specifically carry out the cleaning and disinfection of plots, and who should do it depending on the use of the space, to eliminate waste.

Showers and Toilets

  • Reduction of capacity of the facilities to adapt them to the current regulations regarding camping capacity and social distancing.
  • The building will be systematically cleaned and disinfected throughout the day, using effective anti-COVID 19 solutions.
  • The client must comply with the recommendations established in the access to said facilities.
  • Please comply with the established capacity and wait outside the facilities if necessary.
  • Access the showers with the right footwear do not use with no footwear.

The shower/toilet facilities have:

  • G hydroalcoholic, use it when you access this area.
  • Hand soap, wash it according to the established recommendations.
  • Hand drying paper, after use, deposit them in the bins available.

Bar, Restaurant and Chiringuito

  • Reduction in capacity of the facilities to adapt them to current regulations regarding capacity and social distancing.
  • All furniture will be systematically cleaned and disinfected throughout the day, using effective anti-COVID 19 solutions, guaranteeing extra ventilation.
  • Access to the interior of the facilities with a mask.
  • Respect the capacity limitation and the arrangement of tables and chairs.
  • Heed the recommendations of the staff regarding the occupation of tables in the bar and terrace.

The following measures have been taken:

  • Placement of dispensers of hydroalcoholic gels for customer use.
  • Priority payment with Cards.
  • It has avoided letters in common use, opting for the use of blackboards, posters or other similar means.
  • Tablecloth is single use.

The following items are not permitted for use:

  • Self serve products such as napkins, toothpicks, cruet, oil, and other similar
    devices, prioritizing single use disposable items.


  • You must always wear a facemask when entering.
  • At the entrance of the supermarket there is a hydroalcoholic gel and its use is mandatory for each person who enters.
  • They will only be able to access in order and as the other clients leave, the waiting queue will be made outside.
  • The circulation routes have been marked on the floor of the minimarket.
  • Simultaneous use will be restricted to three people.
  • Systematic cleaning and disinfection of all furniture and common elements will be carried out throughout the day, using effective anti-COVID 19 solutions and guaranteeing extra ventilation.

Laundry and Baby Changers

  • Pay attention to the posters related to the established capacity.
  • For access, use hydroalcoholic gel, facemask and respect the established safety distance.
  • All furniture will be systematically cleaned and disinfected throughout the day, using effective anti-COVID 19 solutions, guaranteeing extra ventilation.


  • Access only allowed to clients of Camping La Bella Vista.
  • We apply the self-control protocol for outdoor pools regulated by BOE 06-20-2020, available to our clients.
  • Capacity established according to current regulations.
  • The established recommendations regarding safe distances, capacity and behaviour in the pool area must be complied with.
  • We carry out cleaning and disinfection of the entire installation in a systematic way and according to the recommendations of the current regulations established by the Ministry of Health.

Outdoor Sinks and Chemical Toilets

  • The use of some outdoor sinks and chemical toilets have been restricted to maintain safe distances.


  • Only individual use of it will be allowed.
  • These measures may vary depending on government decisions.
  • All these measures taken for your safety and well-being are mandatory, so in case of non-compliance it may lead to expulsion from our facilities or site.

We want to thank you for your collaboration, regretting the inconvenience that we may cause you due to strict compliance with these rules.